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The 9th Leicester Scout Group – August 2021 – Update

Well our post below from May was very successful and we manage to recruit 2 new Beaver Leaders – welcome Rose & Rebecca and a new leader for Cubs – Lynn, again welcome.

We now need to bolster the Group with an active Scout leader – could this be you ? The following is taken from Group Roles | Scouts

Manage and lead the operation of the Section. In particular, the planning and delivery of the Balanced Programme, with the help of Assistant Section Leaders, Section Assistants, Young Leaders and members of Scout Active Support as appropriate. Some of the tasks for which the Section Leader is responsible may be delegated to others in the Section, including other Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders and Section Assistants.

If you think this could be the role for you please complete the contact form below – youe will be offerd load of support and the existing team are not going anywhere – just need more help and ideas.

The 9th Leicester Scout Group – May 2021

What we do very well

  • A Scout Group that has offered continuous Scouting through 2 World Wars and a World Pandemic.
  • A Scout Group that owns its own purpose-built brick building.
  • A Scout Group that has all 3 sections of the Movement:


Two District Explorer Units

(one which provides access to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme)

That is young people from the age of 6 to 18

Scouting at 58 Stoughton Road

  • A Scout Group that rents to a local Playgroup during term time from Monday to Friday, ensuring the building is being made full use of.
  • A Scout Group whose finances enable it to keep their property in good order, not needing to fund raise to do so.
  • A Scout Group where children still wish to join, and have done so even through the Pandemic.
  • A Scout Group that offers fun, friends, adventure and activities including camping, outings and the opportunity to gain top Scouting awards.
  • A Scout Group with plans to run a Group Activity Day at Ullesthrope Campsite and another at the Outdoor Pursuits Centre in August.


Sadly – what it doesn’t have is VOLUNTEER LEADERS.

Possibly YOU.

Over the last 14 months or so, we have managed to keep going on Zoom, but inevitably leaders’ circumstances have changed and for various reasons will no longer be able to be part of our great team.  An outsider might be forgiven for thinking that we have plenty of leaders – but what we don’t have is young, energetic, volunteers able to be part of a regular meeting.

We have now reached an impossible situation where Sections will no longer be able to commit to regular meetings – starting with the BEAVER COLONY – which at the end of this term will have to close: – unless new leaders are found.

Beaver Colonies in the District are all full, this being a very popular start to Scouting.

The Colony will be down to one fully trained leader – to run a Section there needs to be two warranted leaders and ideally a third to ensure we can offer places to new Beavers.

The Cub Pack also will need more volunteers: The pack has:

  • 1 experienced leader – should have retired years ago also doubling up as Group Scout Leader, and wanting to have more of an advisory role to the Pack.
  • 1 fully trained warranted leader whose job commitments have now changed and is at present working abroad for most of the week.
  • 1 fully trained warranted leader who works shifts so unable to commit to every week.
  • 1 warranted leader presently training, but has a new job and other commitments

        So – that leaves just 1 regular leader

The Scout Troop:  In a similar situation to the Cub Pack:

  • 1 experienced leader – wanting to have more of an advisory role
  • 1 Section Assistant – a most valued member of the troop whose role is mostly admin.
  • 1 leader presently finding it difficult to complete training due to job commitments.
  • 1 leader presently doing training but will be off to university in September.
  • The support of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Unit leader.

So – Volunteers needed at all levels to be able to run what should be a great place to have fun and adventure – for adults and well as our young members……..

A role within any of the sections could be undertaken as:

  • An Occasional Helper:  usually someone who as the name suggests helps out on a particular occasion, such as a parent rota, an outing, a camp etc.  The Beaver Colony and the Cub Pack will be instigating a parent rota shortly.  This role would be covered by insurance and need a DBS. Aged 18+
  • A Section Assistant:  a full member of the team, insured, needing a DBS and minimal online training.  Can be uniformed or not. Age 18+
  • A Warranted Leader:  insured and DBS required plus training.  Training is free with some being available on line, uniform also supplied.  A Training Advisor is allocated to each leader undertaking training. Age 18+

At the beginning of this missive, I listed all the things that are great about the 9th Leicester Scout Group.  Theses are all still relevant – all we need is YOU or someone like you, willing to give back to the community, join our friendly team, have fun, learn and experience new adventures. 

What are you waiting for?

Please contact me using the details below

Kay Newland

Group scout Leader

moc.tenretnitb@dnalwen.e  01455 286785 

                                                     0755 235 163

Or complete this form

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