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Informational Update

15:00 4/11/20

Members in England

Following the announcement of a four-week lockdown in England from Thursday 5 November, the National Youth Agency (NYA) has now issued guidance about what this means for all youth sector activity. From 5 November Scouts and all other youth activities will move to Red readiness level. This decision by the Government means that there can be no face-to-face activity with young people or adult volunteers. Only online meetings can be delivered until further notice. We expect these restrictions to last until 2 December, when the lockdown is currently scheduled to end in England.

We are where possible running are running on-line meetings via Zoom or Teams.

Please contact one of the leaders to find out whats available.

General Stuff

May 2020 – While the scout hut is not being used we took the opportunity to decorate it – thanks Steve for your hard work

Links to Activities

Emails received for HQ

9 responses to “Corona Virus Updates”

  1. Neil avatar

    Hi guys. Wondered when thinking of starting up again and if my son would be able to Join. He’s just started secondary school. Thanks. Neil

    1. Peter Turner avatar
      Peter Turner

      Thanks for contacting us. We have been meeting virtually throughout lockdown. Face 2 Face Scouting is starting to be planned and we are expecting to be back meeting in small groups by end of September. I will email you directly.

  2. Tom Hegarty avatar
    Tom Hegarty

    Hello, hope all well. Me and my family will soon be moving to the area soon and would be keen to get our kids (5 and 8) involved (covid-permitting).

    Any help would be great. Thanks! Tom

    1. Peter Turner avatar
      Peter Turner

      Hi Tom, Please complete the contact form and one of the leaders will be in touch – Peter

  3. Peter Midgley avatar
    Peter Midgley

    It’s brilliant to see the place I was a scout for a few years back in the 70’s, I was in Owls under Simon Gill, and we had to sweep our patrol area of the hall. Oddly I can only recall 2 contemporaries : nick marchmont and Patrick O’brien!
    Best wishes for a better year ahead.
    Kind regards Pete Midgley (now in Crewe aged 60!)

    1. Peter Turner avatar
      Peter Turner

      Hi Pete – thanks for the comments – we were actually having a On-line meeting when the comments came in. Were the leaders David Morris / Harry Bradstone ? if so out current Scout leader is Davids sister Pauline. Do you think it would be a good thing to start a Alumni page ?
      Hope you are keeping safe and well

      Peter Turner

      1. Peter Midgley avatar
        Peter Midgley

        Hi Peter,
        Thanks for the quick reply, I’m not sure now about the names but one of our leaders was a very knowledgeable man who was a wheelchair user and the guy we paid subs to was I’m pretty sure called Peter too and he talked a lot.
        There’s always the Facebook page or a variety of it I suppose, for instance the Christian youth organisation now called Urban Saints has a Crusaders memories page and I’ve been able to find quite a few things about decades ago and my dad’s friends on there; administration of these things is always a time commitment, isn’t it. For me the scouts was a valuable form of diverse interpersonal skills as not being narrowly based like say a church youth group you met a more representative spread of folks and engaged in other practical experiences and skills, for which I look back with gratitude.
        Kind regards, Pete

  4. Fauzia avatar

    I would like my son Cameron to join the beavers he is 7 years old.Please could someone contact me as I find it almost impossible to join or get information.
    Kind Regards

    1. Peter Turner avatar
      Peter Turner

      I have seen your contact form submission as well. This goes directly to the Leader of the Beaver Colony who I’m sure will respond as soon as they are able. If you still haven’t heard anything in 7 days please submit re-request again and I will personally see is and take some actions – Peter

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