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Written by William Harris / Matt Hughes, 9th Leicester Scouts (8 April 2019)

What Does A Scout Leader Do?

One of the things a Scout Leader does is look after young people and help develop new skills and provide new opportunities. Be prepared to plan and organize activities and even give up spare time to go on camps.

What Qualities Does A Scout Leader Need?

A Scout Leader needs to be able to interact and communicate effectively with young people.  You also need to complete around 14 courses including a first aid course and nights away permit if you wish to partake in camps.

What Do You Get Out Of Being A Scout Leader?

Because being a Scout Leader is volunteer work, you will not receive a salary and will be required to give up spare time; you will need to be able to enjoy your experience.

Some of the things that you would get out of scouts:

  • Accomplishment – you will help other people and get younger people to develop new skills that could even help them out later on in their lifetime.
  • Satisfaction – You will have the great feeling of knowing that you could be impacting someone’s life and skillset for the better.
  • Friendship – It is quite possible that you will meet other likeminded leaders and create friendship opportunities.
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